Miley Cyrus Never attacked by Swine Flu

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miley cyrusAmerican pop singer and television and film actress Miley Ray Cyrus is best known for starring as the title character in the Disney Channel series Hannah Montana.We love a good celebrity rumor. And when we heard that Miley Cyrus had swine flu, we realized the possibility it could be a rumor. It turns out it was. Or at least that’s what she’s saying anyway.


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Katy Perry hot and sexy photo gallery

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katy perry sexyKaty Perry was born on 25th October 1984, in Santa Barbara, California. Known for her over-the-top fashions, quirky stage props, and catchy songs, Katy Perry has become a pop music sensation.Fans might be surprised to learn that the singer who writes about sexual exploration in “I Kissed a Girl” grew up in a very conservative family.


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Pixar’s Story of A Bug’s Life- Inside Views


A bug`s life was a3d animated movie made by Pixar Animation studio and released in 1998. It was distributed by the Walt Disney Pictures. It was directed by John Lasseter. The story revolved around an ant Flik who is considered to be an outsider. He makes a team to save his colony from the evil grasshoppers. This movie is largely inspired by the famous story The Ant and the Grasshopper by Aesop. This movie was a big hit at the box office and remains one of the most famous creations of Pixar.

The main protagonist of the story Flik is a brave ant. The grasshoppers come to his colony and take food as a bribe or payment to keep them secure from the bigger bugs. Accidently, Flik destroys all the food supposed to be given to the grasshoppers. The grasshoppers in return give the ants a time frame to give them back the double food as compensation. Flik comes with an idea of recruiting warrior bugs to eliminate those grasshoppers and the entire ant fraternity readily agrees as it will keep Flik out of the food making activities. They are not at all excited with his plans. But, Flik is determined and goes ahead.

Flik finds some bugs who are thrown out from the circus and assume they are the warrior bugs he is looking for. The bugs also think that he is a talent agent. Soon, both parties realize their mistakes. He proposes a plan of building a big bird to scare Hopper, who is afraid of bug eating birds. The whole ant colony stands behind him in support and start working. Suddenly, the circus ring master arrives and takes the bugs with him and exposes Flik. He is banished from the colony and joins the circus.

Meanwhile, the ants are racing against the time to produce the demanded food. They are facing difficulty as the winter is approaching fast. Hopper is enraged when he comes to know this and he plans to kill the queen after getting the share of food.  Dot hears this conversation and goes to convince Flik to come back with the bugs and go ahead with the bird plan. The ants realize that they outnumber the grasshoppers and they start to put up a brave front. Flik fights with hopper and Hopper is beaten by a real bird. In the end, Flik is welcomed back into the society along with the bugs.

It was quite a challenging movie to make after Toy Story as it had more complex characters to create. The scene where the ants are in a crowd was quite difficult to make. The animators went ahead by creating 4 or 5 groups of 8 to 10 ants. The creative team developed an ant generator program to create the various movements of ants as they desired. The ants looked different, even as the programmed motions were almost same. This same technique was further improved and used in movies like Toy story2 and Monsters, Inc. Pixar was involved in a bitter public fight with DreamWorks Animation as they also had a similar movie called Antz released in the same year. After many efforts, Pixar failed to stop Antz`s release. But, a bug`s life was more successful than the Antz. The animation technique used in the movie was of superb quality.

One can clearly say the reason for the success of A bug`s life was mainly the animation which stood out throughout the movie. It also had a message of unity preached through the storyline. If you also want to be a good animator, then you should join a good multimedia institute.

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The Starship USS Enterprise would cost £10.3 million a year to run

  •          The infamous Star Trek ship would cost £10,342,817 per year in repairs and annual maintenance
  •         Engineering firm’s calculations show Captain James T. Kirk would have to be a multi-millionaire just to explore the final frontier

It would cost over £10.3million per year in repairs alone just to keep the Starship Enterprise in operation, engineering firm SGS has calculated.

Ahead of the launch of the third instalment of the re-booted Star Trek movie franchise, ‘Star Trek Beyond’, later this month, SGS has estimated that yearly running costs would be well into seven figures.

Built by Starfleet and commissioned as a deep space explorer, to boldly go where no one has gone before, the USS Enterprise would require £4.1m annually, just for mechanical man hours.

The ship is no stranger to dangerous encounters and fierce hostile engagements, and this would see its skipper, Captain Kirk, played by Chris Pine, out of pocket by a further £946,825 for safety and performance upgrades alone.

To calculate the cost, SGS used official data with the annual maintenance costs of its nearest modern day equivalents: the latest Gerald R Ford class of aircraft carriers and the space shuttle programme. For full details and images please see here.

The Enterprise, which measures just over 725 metres in length and 190 metres in height has a 430 strong crew, including Kirk’s first mate, Spock, Medical Officer, McCoy and Chief Engineer, Montgomery Scott.

The ship, powered by antimatter has a speed of WARP 8, houses fourteen science labs and also an engineering and shuttle bay. Despite being an explorer, the ship is also equipped with phasers and photon torpedoes and a deflector shield.

The costs are based a year’s voyage in deep space, these are expected to rise when the ship ventures into hostile galaxies when the crew are likely to be battling the Klingon and Romulan Empires.

SGS Owner and Founder, Andy Wyatt, said: “Lots has been made out about the overall cost of building the USS Enterprise, loads of people have looked at how much it would cost to build the ship, fortunately for Kirk, Starfleet built the ship, however as captain he’d be in charge and ultimately responsible for the maintenance.

“Captain Kirk has proved over the years he’s no stranger to danger, he’s battled and defeated the Romulan, Captain Nero, fought against Klingons, another Starfleet ship and the notorious Khan Noonien Singh.

“All these hostile encounters have caused much damage to the ship, so for future missions he’d probably doing more of the same, so we’ve taken this into account in our estimates.

“Of course, these aren’t definite calculations, as much as we’d all love to travel at WARP speed in ships powered by antimatter we unfortunately don’t quite have that technology just yet.

“It makes perfect sense now when Spock tells Kirk to live long and prosper.”

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Celadoncandy. What You Expect from Electronic Music


What do you think about today’s electronic music? Do you love it? Well, if you are the one who is in the mood of keep searching for fully enjoyable electronic music, we have one to share here. This is about Celadoncandy with ‘Celadonia’ released under an indie label of Trinity Eclipse. Check out the following short review and follow the links given. What we can promise to you is that you will simply love it.

Considered as the side project by Paul Allgood back in 2010, along with Jason Bowden who is renowned as a multi-instrumentalist, Celadoncandy released an Extended Play (EP) in autumn offering the complexity of lyric, text, and rhythm. Just LISTEN HERE to enjoy the incredible electronic music to find out the excitement of listening to the outstanding songwriting with wonderful musicianship and quality production. The EP played in the link is around 36 minutes long with different great songs by both. Well, when clicking the above link, you will enter the unique “atmosphere” of CELADONIA. For sure, this is another option that you will love especially when you are looking for one of today’s finest electronic albums.

Well, besides the link given to listen to the music, you can also watch the official video of “Undercutter” which is directed by Heather Dollar. Just visit the HOMEPAGE in order to get the link. Or, you can also check out the official music video in Youtube and join around 20,000 viewers who mostly say the song is simply awesome with the great video clip.

So, it is the time for you to check out yourself how great music must be today. For sure, what is offered by Celadoncandy with their ‘Celadonia’ will bring you into different atmosphere of listening to fine electronic music. Well, it is your time to enjoy the songs.

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Moving to Australia? Watch Indian TV Channels with Ease


Screenshot_5 jord

If you are considering moving to Australia, then you are into a pleasant surprise, as you don’t need to sacrifice your beloved entertainment channels. Many Indian TV channels are currently available in Australia, so you will find it easy to enjoy your favorite channels while abroad.

To start with, it is important to point out that there are many entertainment options to consider in Australia. They have a variety of free TV channels, numerous pay TV companies to consider and also, a range of online live TV streaming services.

Start by determining what your tastes and preferences are, so you can decide what movies or shows you would like to watch during your time in Australia. Most of the available services also provide free trials, which allow you to test an entertainment option before ultimately committing to it over a long period of time.

In addition, when you need to watch your favorite channels at home, you will have enough options to consider as well. There are many Telugu TV Channels available in Australia, so you can catch up on channels such as Gemini, Raj or even Aastha TV for an affordable annual fee. You can also get access to Tamil channels easily: Sun and KTV are all available in the country. Moreover, you can watch a variety of Indian channels on different internet-enabled devices, including PCs, Mac, tablets, smartphones and TVs anywhere and at any time you want.

The packages available will vary based on the channels you want to watch, so it is always easy to tailor your subscription to your entertainment needs, tastes and budget. These services allow customers to enjoy the pleasure of virtual in-house entertainment at anytime and anywhere they want. It also provides clients with different payment options, including monthly, semi-annually and annually.

Moreover, anyone can benefit from the channels offered by YuppTV, even if you are not technologically savvy. This is because the subscription is easy and affordable. This makes it easy for you to keep up with all of your favorite TV channels from back home, so you don’t need to worry about missing your beloved shows while you are out of the country. All you need to do it to ensure you have an active internet subscription.

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LB American Psycho


If you’re a fan of horror, dark comedy or ironic social commentary, the upcoming American Psycho Broadway musical is the show for you. The story follows a young rich man who’s just trying to fit into his yuppie world. Despite being thoroughly a part of his high-class society, he sees all the pretension (of which he has plenty), all the lying (which he does, regularly) and how fake everyone is (including himself). He knows he’s part of the problem, but he also know something no one else does – that he just keeps on murdering people.

Introducing Patrick Bateman, the reprehensible protagonist of American Psycho. Audiences watch as Bateman goes from his first kill – a nameless bum on the streets – to murdering strangers, prostitutes, and even coworkers. All this amid his narration about how much better he is than everyone else – and his crippling self-doubt when it seems that might not be the case.

Bateman is a character rife with contradictions, which is what makes him so incredibly compelling. While he sells himself as a socially conscious liberal to his friends, family and coworkers, his internal monologue is full of violent racism, sexism and homophobia. He wants to simultaneously fit in and outshine, he disparages the vanity of those around him while obsessively working on his own physique. These views ring dissonantly in the audience’s ears, but they’re in perfect harmony for the utterly narcissistic Bateman, who seems to think that it’s different when it’s him.

Bateman’s character is so fascinating that all the murders, which could theoretically steal the show, do little to tear attention away from him. Patrick Bateman is a man who demands attention (and as he works so hard to fly under the radar in his day-to-day life, this is yet another layer of contradiction on his part). This is the character Bret Easton Ellis created in his novel, the man Christian Bale brought to life on screen in 2000, and it’s the murderer audiences will see on stage at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre this spring.

Playing the part of Bateman will be Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson star Benjamin Walker. In an interview with the NY Daily News, Walker characterized Bateman as not being all that different from the rest of us:

“The horrible truth is that there’s a little Patrick Bateman in everyone. Everybody’s had that moment where they’re stuck in traffic when you say horrible things under your breath because nobody can hear you. The difference is that Patrick doesn’t have the filter that the rest of us do. Thank God for that.”

You can see Walker bring Bateman to life starting March 24, 2016. He’ll be joined by award-winning actress Alice Ripley (Next to Normal), Helene Yorke (Woody Allen’s Bullets Over Broadway), Jennifer Damiano, (Next to Normal), and Drew Moerlein (Spank! The Fifty Shades of Grey Musical Parody). Get your American Psycho tickets today!

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